nedeljni ručak

"Wonder World of Wine of the Family Dujmovics […] Stories and wine never end! Large Choice of Wine of the Vinery "Vindulo" ended in strong, robust red dry wine "Three Star" of dark red color, thick texture made from the combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Frank, Merlot and Frankovka, rich in aromas and of full taste. […] While we were experiencing the charms of the offered wines, we had the unforgettable feeling of calm tranquility of the Backa area…"

Dnevnik – Sunday Dinner, no. 70, Novi Sad 2008


temerini ujsag

"The winery "Vindulo" owned by Laszlo Dujmovics from Temerin was declared champion of Serbia in the first official competition of Serbian wines and brandies in Belgrade . RosAnna and "Slatka Eva", naturally sweet wines of vintage 2007 were declared best wines in their categories. The president of the jury was one of the best known wine experts Dr. Prof. Slobodan Jovic."

Temerini Újság no. 689, Temerin, June 2008


caffe vojvodina

"This winery may take pride in large choice of white and red wine, and each one is equally unusual and characteristic. From white wines the best known is "Mirna Backa: the bled of Riesling, Chardonnay and the already mentioned brands created at the Institute – Backa, Kosmopolita, Morava and Petka, that in small quantities give "aromatic" seal to this wine. […]

Caffe Vojvodina, Novi Sad , May 2008



As far as the family winery "Vindulo" is concerned, owner of one of the largest vineyards in Southern Backa , the end of last year was celebrated by wine tasting and presentation of its wines, of vintage 2007 at the restaurant "Rozika" in Temerin. This celebration was attended by many experts of good wine, and the wines of the family Dujmovics are really among the best.

Kopca, no. 13-14, Temerin 2007


građanski list

"Presidents of Serbia and the Republic of Hungary Boris Tadic and Laszlo Solyom met last night at "Stara Picerija". […] The owner of the pizza hut Vlatko Jovicevic, whom Mr. Tadic has known as he is member of the Democratic Party, gave a presents to the presidents – shirts of the Italian company "Skiper" and a bottle of white dry wine each from Temerin – "Mirna Backa" (Calm Backa) which as we heard had a special message. […]

Gradjanski List, Novi Sad , September 2007


euro novine

"[…] Prizes come from all sides, but the greatest recognition that can be heard about " Pannonia ", "Mirna Backa", "RosAnna" and "Three Star" is that a new brand was created – the Winery "Vindulo".

Euro Novine , Hungary , Rumania , Serbia , May 2007.


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